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"Angel D'Agostino and his orquestra tipica"

Angel Domingo Emilio D'Agostino was born the 25th of May 1900 in the city of Buenos Aires
Pianist , director and composer , was 11 years old when he started playing professionaly
with Juan D'Arienzo and Bianchi in a trio that worked in the Teatro del jardin Zoologico
In that time the pianists use to play in cinemas to give sound to silent movies and
D'Agostino like many other musicians follow the action with their music.
Later D'Agostino , with his own orchestra , achieve a style of interpretation of very
simple musical conception , express by a great group of musicians that gaved their
identity to the orquestra , some of them were ;Alfredo Attadia , Eduardo del Piano,
Victor Felice , Francisco De Lorenzo y Mario Perini.
In 1932 incorporate one of the big voices of tango Angel Vargas , and it was the
begining of a lot of success for both of them.
As a composer had as well a lot of success , some of his biggest titles were ; "Tres Esquinas"
"Se llama Eduardo Arolas", "El cocherito", etc.
Is fair to mention that without being one of the biggest orquestras , to the day in any
"Milonga" around the world when you hear the rhythm of D'Agostino and the voice
of Angel Vargas no many of us can remain seated.

Year : 1932


Bandoneon : Attadia, Bonano, Spitalnik, Vassallo

Violines : Holgado Barrio, Russo, Veber

Pianist : Angel D'Agostino

Double bass : De Lorenzo

Singer : Angel Vargas

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