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Who are the last ones to live the Milonga ?

The Milonga .Early hours of the morning . The waitress start to clear the tables that
are already empty , and big spaces start to appear on the dance floor.
Who stays at the Milongas to the last "tango" sound through the speakers?
The ones who want to make use of the big spaces on the dance floor , and show their
quality as dancers , with long steps , elegance and the intimacy of their partner ,
without the worry of bumping into any other dancer?
The ones who stay alone waiting a few minutes so it wouldn't be so evident that they're
leaving with somebody or wait for the pretender to leave so they wouldn't have to
refuse a lift againg ?
The woman that see her hopes disappear but still doesn't give up and wait to the last
minute for the invitation that doesn't come ?
The ones that holding back tears , see how her "ex" dances very close with his new
conquist saying sweet things to her ear?
The ones who waits for the last "tanda", for the one who promise but no delivers ?
The ones who resist to go to an empty home , and got no one that awaits for them?
The lonley , the lovers or perhaps is just imposible to live the "Milonga" because
ones you do you'll break the spell and the magic you are under as soon as you step
outside . They are living , whistling the last "tango", but already thinking
of coming back to "The Milonga".

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